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Educating clients to not only survive a divorce, but to move past it by meeting fact-based expectations

Uncovering Assets

Looking For Hidden Assets During A Complex, Contentious Divorce Legally, your spouse needs to reveal all assets during a divorce in California so that the court can rule on a fair division of assets, on child support and on spousal support. Realistically, many people...

How Is A Business Divided In A Divorce

How Is A Business Divided In A Divorce? Divorce is a complex process, and it can become even more so when a business is involved. If you have spent years building a business, you want to be sure that it survives the end of your marriage. Conversely, if you have...

Dividing Retirement and Investments

Dividing Retirement And Investments Divorce can send a shockwave through retirement plans. Suddenly your available assets are not what you thought they were and you need to do some ground-level rethinking of what retirement is going to look like. What if the 401(k) or...

Complex Property Division

Dedicated To Helping You Reach A Fair Division Of Assets At Leslie L. Abrigo, APC, in Chula Vista, California, we pride ourselves on our ability to sort out complex financial records. When you and your spouse decide to get divorced and you have a complex financial...